Mission Statement

A Church family at the heart of the community, sharing Jesus and growing in discipleship.

Our Values:

Walking: By walking, we connect with God through worship i.e. sung music, learning about Jesus Christ and his love for us from the bible, connect with one another and connect with our community. We do this by providing regular Sunday services, running mission and community events. As we walk, we welcome everyone that God will send to our church each week.

Welcoming: we serve one another and the community through welcome, making our current members and visitors to our church comfortable and at home in St George’s church. We encourage everyone to take leadership in the areas of their gifting or talents which God has called each of us to lead. In welcome, we journey with each person helping them to discover their talents and calling within the Parish.

Growing: And finally, we grow together. As we worship God, we grow deeply together in faith, we grow number and we also grow our community presence, read. We grow together, looking out for one another.