St George's Tolworth

A church at the heart of our community


HopeWhen people choose to give their lives to Christ and become Christians, we encourage those who were not baptized as infants to be prepared for baptism as an adult.  Adult baptisms take place in the context of our Sunday service.

For those who come to faith as adults but know they were baptized with water as children, there is the opportunity instead to publicly reaffirm the promises that others made on their behalf when they were baptized.  There is a special opportunity each year for people to reaffirm their Baptismal promises in the context of a Confirmation Service.  As well as re–affirming baptismal vows, those being confirmed receive prayer by the Bishop of our Diocese with the laying on of hands.  It is a wonderful and powerful moment when the Bishop lays hands on someone, and the whole congregation prays for those being confirmed.

If you would like to explore adult Baptism or confirmation, chat with our Vicar at our Sunday service or contact the church office.