St George's Tolworth

A church at the heart of our community


We are a group of men at the church whose aim is to provide Christian fellowship.

We believe that men need a forum and a place to forge good strong friendships which, over time will become open enough for conversation about stuff other than what they do for work or the football etc.  Although these are often topics of conversation!  There is healthy banter and an abundance of laughter mixed in with the seriousness of our various discussions.

Fellers Summer Walk 2023We try to organise varied social events such as curry, fish ‘n’chip, Italian meal (to name but a few) nights, DVD nights, bowling or games nights, dad’s and kids events, walks and breakfast mornings with various guest speakers, we openly reach out to non-churchgoing men in the community.  We are always looking for new ideas, events or activities that we can participate in.

We have an ongoing programme of events with the men at our sister churches St Matthew’s and St Paul’s who form our THiS Team.  When joined together there will more often than not be 15-25 of us.

We know how difficult it is for men who are not in a relationship with God to come to Church, so we pray and encourage men from within the community to join us at one of our evenings or events.  If you are a man or you know a man who is curious about God, our group, or would just like a friend to reach out to, then please get in touch or come along to one of our evenings.

We meet every 4th Wednesday of the month (except August) in the lounge at the church or occasionally at one of the local pubs, starting at 8:00pm

If you wish to join us please email us or call the church office for more information.