St George's Tolworth

A church at the heart of our community

THiS Team

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The Tolworth Hook & Surbiton Team Ministry combines St George's Tolworth, St Matthew's Surbiton and St Paul's Hook.  THiS Team was established in October 2015 to support and encourage our churches and to work together on shared projects and plans, when it makes sense to do so.  This means that we hold joint services, share some of our social events, ‘swap pulpits’ and share expertise, know-how and training.  However, we still keep our own styles of worship and doing things.

Most of all, as a clergy team we offer support to each other in what can sometimes feel like a lonely job.

Over time we hope to extend how we are Team together but not at the cost of our own identities as separate parishes.

Our first Joint Team wide group is Fuel for young people age 10 - 15.

THiS Team - Staff

NicholasRev Nicholas Lebey
of St George's Tolworth

WilliamRev William Allberry
PTO of
St Matthew's Surbiton

LukeRev Luke Wickings
Team Vicar of
St Paul's Hook

CarolynRev Carolyn Lucas
Minister across the Team